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Starsupporta is an artistic international magazine publishing photo and video of stars and models. The contents include activities, fashion shows, exhibitions, parties, beauty contests, etc... The aim of Starsupporta is recording events. Therefore, the original size and quality of photos are reduced in order to enhance the internet loading speed. The original high quality photos can be requested by sending email to us. Photoshop modified photos or 3D photos can be requested as well. Project samples are displayed at Lovely website.

Starsupporta was established at 2016. It shows not only time of events, but also history. Timeless photos are exhibited at Lovely website.

Text may be added to the posts of Starsupporta if requested.

In addition to increasing prestige of stars and models , Starsupporta also indirectly advertises and promotes brands. Therefore, mutual benefit (All Win) can be achieved for organisers, stars, sponsors, brands, audiences and web host. Invitation cards / letters are welcomed to be received by email harmonouniversa@hotmail.com.hk  or  WeChat (ID: zidane08042009).

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Video Technology

4K  ( Can be modified to 2K, 1080p Full HD, 720p HD, 480p, etc...)


3D, Naked eye 3D, VR 3D


Photo Technology

Original Photo Quality:

Dimensions: 5968 x 3542 pixels

Resolution: 350 dpi


Original 4K Video-captured Photo Quality:

Dimensions: 3840 x 2160 pixels

Resolution: 96 dpi


Photoshop + Lightroom Modified Photos

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Enhanced Quality Samples:(Click the following photo to enter the site)


Rules of adding photo and video to the Album:

Activities of Star and Model are added to the album. Pornographic or unrelated materials are restricted. Anyone who find pornographic or unrelated materials, please contact us to delete certain materials.

If you find photo(s) in the album infringe copyright law, please email us to delete certain materials.

Thank you Jolly's Starphoto, 26fun, SZ Eric, together with all advertisements from shopping mall and exhibition centres, for advertising the activities of Stars.

Thank you for the management companies, organizers, crews as well as stars and models for creating the activities.

Thank you for those who make contributions.

Welcome to enquire photos and videos at the following email address.

Copyright (c) Album of Star Supporta. All Rights Reserved.

Request original photo(s) or want to have any enquiry, please contact harmonouniversa@hotmail.com.hk